GFIM Conclusion and Beginnings

The Following article written by Marcia Blondin appeared in The Puerto Vallarta Tribune newspaper on February 19th 2015.

GFIM…Conclusion and Beginnings

The two-day Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines Congress is finished. A flame was reignited over the weekend and I think everyone left hoping to reunite in Puerto Vallarta again next year. Well-known Vallarta healer Doctor Martina Goldberg is vice-president of the GFIM ( and together with President Doctor Linda Lancaster )*  was host of this amazing get together of doctors and medical practitioners from all over the world; each speaker touching on their own specialities. If we could have strung together the myriad of scientific degrees that crowded the conference room it would have been dozens of kilometres long. What would have been longer indeed – if it could be measured – was the sense of solidarity with the peaceful and joyous sharing of information sometimes technical but always interesting and graphically presented. The countless hours of preparation on the part of everyone involved, never mind the long distances travelled appeared to come off as effortless. The stellar company was approachable, cheerful and absolutely huggable – all of them.

Held at the Fiesta Americana Hotel, the opening tone of the Congress was set: with a dozen fine mariachi singing and playing their way into the conference room and onto the stage, followed by a pair of folkloric dancers who delighted everyone. Then a troupe of Aztecan dancers replete with feathered headdresses and copal and fire. What a welcome to the lone participant from the Czech Republic who had never been to Mexico before! It was an amazing beginning with an extraordinary impact on all of us. The Mexicans (overheard in the Ladies room) chatted about how proud they felt of their Country after the opening ceremony. The rest of us were in awe.

Subjects were Subtle Energies and integrating all forms of medicines from Allopathic to sound and light therapy, ways to reduce electronic (and dangerous!) smog, glucose levels, stress, photons, reversing aging, electricity, energy, chakras, food, sacred geometry, herbs, wellness, meditation, love and kindness. Names of people like Hippocrates, Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, Andre Bovis, Nikola Telsa; place names like the Pentagon and NASA, Washington, D.C., Los Alamos, Huatulco and Prague. There were dentists, nutritionists, iridologists, a Mayan Priest, yoga Masters, Massage therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, musicians, translators.

All healers. All with different paths. All heading in the same direction: Global Health. A healthy world will be in Peace.

* added by Geoffrey Watkinson


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