Our Mission

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The underlying philosophy of GFIM is that the acceptance and integration of all medicines is a powerful, untapped means of creating world peace. Through Integrative Medicines, we look to balance the body, mind and spirit to create health and peace, our natural state of being. Integrative Medicine is inclusive of all Medicines: Western, Traditional, Innovative and Energetic Medicines.

GFIM promotes the integration of medicine by fostering a diverse international community of practitioners that create, integrate and communicate knowledge across the full spectrum of Medicine for the healing of our global community.

GFIM carries out its mission through:

UNITING integrative medicine practitioners in a movement to support the integrative healing of individuals, communities and the world at large, through the “World Conference of Integrated Medicines”.

PROMOTING public awareness, education & scientific research of Integrative Medicines

“…it is through healing that we unite in peace! “

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The Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines. A Non Profit Organization

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