The History Of MA / OIUCM and GFIM

For over 40 years Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka treated more than 2 ½ million patients free of charge and trained more than 40,000 doctors in Complementary Medicines while publishing 99 books about Complementary Medicines, an inspiration to us all.

For the past 2 decades, since 1987 Prof. Dr. Sir Ravi Ponniah and Prof. Dr. Dame Linda Lancaster supported Prof. Anton through volunteer/charity work and helping to organize World Congresses annually.

With the idea of integrating all medicines, in June 2004, Prof. Jayasuriya came to Washington DC to the 1st World Congress for Integrated Medicine held in the US, chaired by Dr. Lancaster and in honor of Professor Jayasuriya .

Dr. Anton Jayasuriya at The World Congress for Intergrated ,Medicines, Washington D.C. 2007.
Dr. Anton Jayasuriya at The World Congress for Integrated Medicines, Washington D.C. 2004.

 “In his theme speech, Prof. Jayasuriya said it was time to integrate all medicines into one single healing modality for the benefit of all mankind the world over”

In November 2004, at the Third Millenium Congress of Integrated Medicines held in Sri Lanka, Prof Anton Jayasuriya, honored Prof. Ravi Ponniah as THE RECIPIENT OF THE FIRST NOBEL PRIZE FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE  and was chosen to lead the movement Globally. It was also decided that Dr Linda Lancaster would become Chairman of the World Council of Medicines.

 After the sudden passing of Prof Anton in April 2005, it was decided to register The University in the USA as an independent Post-Graduate University.

 In May 2006, at the New York World Congress held at theHarvard Club in New York City, 150 founding members honored Prof. Anton’s lifework and embraced the theme:

 ” It is through healing we unite in peace “.

 The trustees decided to launch a Global Movement to Integrate All Medicines and change the direction from a University to a Foundation and broaden the vision and fulfill the wishes of Prof. Anton Jayasuriya.

At the May 2007, World Congress of Integrated Medicines held in Santa Fe, New Mexico the Global Foundation for Integrated Medicines (GFIM) was launched in a spectacular Opening Ceremony. More than 400 delegates and Leaders of Integrated Medicines were witness to this most prestigious event giving full support to GFIM.

In 2009, GFIM organized its 2nd conference that was subsequently canceled due to the economic global situation

GFIM is now interested in fulfilling the wishes of Sir Anton by again joining with like minded people who also are in alignment with the vision:

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